Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Trendthrift Episode 3

It is getting ridiculously warm in Dallas. And stormy.
The little boudin and I went to C-town for the holiday to visit Mom and we had a blast! Saw some lifelong friends, ate many a pound of crawfish and grabbed some great new clothes!

Thank you mom and by proxy Janet for this fabulous skirt. It is silky and pleated and totally fit even though I thought for sure that it wouldn't. Ah, these shallow diatribes within as one anticipates the possibility of a failed attempt at closure.
There is one flaw in this skirt which I learned too late to do anything about; when in the right light (or any light for that matter) it is totally sheer. Slip, please!
Regardless, I propelled through the day confident and at ease and relatively successful in keeping my lower half in the shadows.

In the spirit of the playoffs, (GO HORNETS!) Here is my obligatory fashion jump shot!

My Nana gave me this belt and I adore it. Anyone who know me at all knows of my equestrian dreams of youth. This belt is totally me.

Shirt- Steve Alan- UAL
Belt- Unknown-Nana
Skirt- Unknown- Mom- Janet
Shoes- Frye- Gilt Groupe

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