Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Downfall of the Trendthrift Part 2!

The whole ensemble
The Stripey Tunic, the Marrakesh and the Bardot Bracelet

The Bardot Bracelet received two compliments today.
Check out the details of my obsession! Handwoven on a silk backing with a ribbon tie.
At first I totally poo- pooed the ribbon tie.  Thought it was too much. But then I tried it I said in the first post. I fell in love with it.  Yep, this bad boy got 7 compliments from people who stopped me on the street. Six separate ladies in Eatzi's and then another on the way out the door. An attention-getter!

A good outfit makes for a good day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I got the blues

 I have got the blues!  So today was a day to sport them.  My mom bought this wonderful mini-cardigan for me in Atlantic Beach at a tiny little shop that we go to every time we go there, but of course as I type this the name of the shop eludes me. Seashells maybe, oh well.
 The pants I bought in Baton Rouge from Banana Republic in 2005.  Yup, they are white pants that I have owned for 6 years.  Pretty amazing considering what a klutz I am.
The tank is from Anthropologie, not thrifty I know, but it was on sale for $29.99 and I had to have it as it covered my post baby tummy very well. But of course now when I look at the pictures here I think it may actually make me look like I have a bun in the oven, Thoughts?  It doesn't help that my arm is placed in a way so that the bracelet I am wearing might also make the shot but here is the close up of it:

Happy Wednesday, it is good to be back on the blog bandwagon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Downfall of the Trendthrift

Ah, how good the intentions were when the challenge began and oh how quickly I crumbled.  But I couldn't help myself...the Boden clearance catalog was calling to me. And I did and then I fell in love. 
If you know me at all, you know that I am a sucker for a stripe.  And my most favorite color is navy and when paired with grey (my old eventing colors) I cannot resist.  If I were a dress, this is the dress I would be.  This Stripey Tunic in Navy from Boden is my article of clothing soul mate.  So I bought it and have been totally ashamed to post under the guise of continuing the Trendthrift blog series. Hence the long blog vacation.  But to be perfectly honest I don't care.  I love this dress, it had to be mine.  Does it help that it was on sale?
So yes, I adore Stella & Dot, and as a stylist I have many fabulous samples, but there is one piece that I covet, not for my business, but for myself. So you are asking, Hey MV
why didn't you get this one as one of your samples? To be perfectly honest, I did not care for it from the image in the catalog, or online or even laying in the case. It wasn't until I put it on a guest at a trunk, I'll call her Ranger Girl, that I knew it had to be mine. 
And tomorrow it will, thanks to a friend selling some samples at amazing prices. 
Here is a sneak peek at the Marrakesh Bib Necklace:

Love it!  Wait until you see it on....
But quick question, can I continue to consider myself the Trendthrift?