Monday, December 14, 2009

What scares me the most…

Here is a pic of me at 12 weeks.

This is what terrifies me the most about being pregnant: am I going to be one of those people who speak of nothing but being pregnant or the sprout? Am I going to become one of those people who forget that there is anything outside of their own spawn? Will I spend countless hours posting pictures of our progeny to my facebook page? And worst of all, am I already going down this road by having a whole blog about it?
Please save me from myself! I am already talking about day care, the costs and the wait this the beginning of the end?
If I get really obnoxious about this whole thing please call me on it. We all know that I am not sensitive at all, to such an extreme that it really may be considered insensitive.

Fat or pregnant?
For my mental state of well-being today I am going to go with pregnant.

When I am wrong, I am wrong

Okay, so I admit it…I was wrong. I should not have called those posters on the running website full of shit and delusional; it is possible to run a half marathon while pregnant. How do I know that it is possible? Because, I did it myself yesterday at the beginning of week 14. And it was great! I didn’t PR and stopped at every port-a-loo there was between mile 1 and 13.1, which lost me approximately ten minutes off of my overall time time, but it didn’t matter, it was the best I ever felt at mile 9 and as such I turned up the pace to what has been my usual gear these days and cranked out the last 4 miles with an average pace of 9 minutes 5 seconds per mile. Even with a sprout the size of a lemon (according to my weekly email from inside my belly this was the best I have ever felt finishing a half marathon.

Even with the baby-on-board in the last 3 miles we (the little lemon sprout and I) passed 553 runners. Yep, that’s right 553. I know this not because I counted, but because the White Rock Lake Marathon/ Half Marathon has this super-neato thing called RunPix, which can actually give you detailed information about where you were in the race, what your pace was and where your fellow competitors were located in relation to you. Basically, they give you everything you want to know if you had a good race and everything that could frustrate you to no end if you had a bad race.

Am I creaky today? Yes. Do I care? Not really, only when I must stand after sitting for an extended period of time. Do I feel good about running the half marathon while 14 weeks pregnant? No, I feel amazing and the little lemon sprout has already completed their first half marathon!

Fat or pregnant?


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Lazy Blogger

So here we go again. I have created yet another blog which I may or may not actually keep up to date. My money is on not. But times are exciting with a new Vaughn on the horizon and the ever anxiety ridden holiday season upon us. Not to jinx myself but Christmas can't even come close to the misery of Thanksgiving. Here is the picture that sums the Thanksgiving holiday up in a nutshell. Pictures really do speak a thousand words.
Thanksgiving has officially scarred me and scared me a bit about the sprout growing in my belly, but there is no going back now. Especially not now that this little sprout is the size of a peach. I am thinking it must be one of those organically grown peaches because the ones treated with the hormones are rather large and if it were that size I would absolutely have to be showing by now. Though I do find some pleasure that my skinniest jeans still fit and not barely, but rather like they always have.
For the first time in a long time I am not living, eating and breathing running and in fact, I am finding it hard to muster the motivation I need to get dressed to even go for a run. In an attempt to find the motivation elsewhere, I keep looking at these communities where people go on and on in their posts about how they ran marathons and halves while pregnant. I think that they are full of shit and are completely delusional. At least they are doing a very good job at making me feel like a big 'ole lazy blob. My running these days has reached that dangerous mental zone of maintaining fitness rather than having a goal. And yes, while maintaining fitness is itself a goal, it is one that offers neither tangible nor visible benefits. Ugh. Fat or pregnant? I am going with fat today.