Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nursery Corner Pictures

The nursery corner is pretty much complete!
Zach finished building, yes with his bare hands and some wood working tools, the changing unit and it is sanded, stained and lacquered up! It is beautiful, he really did a spectacular job.

Monday, May 24, 2010

3 Furlongs to go

Or in non-racing terms, 3 weeks give or take a few days. I feel like I am cramming for exams, something at which I have never been very good. Here I am with three or so weeks left and am quickly trying to read and retain all of the information that should have been read months ago. I must say, I have learned some things that I never anticipated, for instance, did you know that circumcision is not actually a surgery that is medically necessary.
Who knew?
Yeah, I am sure that some of you out there were aware, but not I. This brings up the question, if it is not medically necessary then why do it?
There are two main reasons to do it, religious and social. Sure, people say that it is cleaner, that it inhibits the spread of STDs or that not doing it increases the risk of penile cancer. Yes, I typed penile and giggled while doing so. But the whole penile cancer risk is a whopping 1% to begin with, the cleanliness thing is proven to be untrue and the STD thing has some small and rather unconvincing medical case studies backing it...thus bringing it back to the whole not a medical necessity thing. This is the problem with becoming informed, it now becomes a decision that Zach and I have to make if little Baby Vaughn is a he. The social reasons for doing it are strong, as those who have had a "little taken off the top" certainly are in the majority in this country, and would other kids make fun of him in the locker room? And if so, what are they doing examining those parts so carefully anyway? I digress. For me, what it boils down to in the end is do we scar him now or scar him later? Who makes me kind of hope for a girl.
Enough penis chatter. Hee hee.

Not to say thank you in a post that has been filled with my new found penile, hee hee, knowledge, but I want to say thank you to my good friends Corinne Hufft, Rebecca Gibson and Krissy Barker for throwing me a fabulous and low key baby shower on May 1st, yes, Kentucky Derby Day. It was wonderful and in spite of initially feeling totally awkward about opening presents in front of others, I had a great time.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One Month

36 Weeks

One month.
Holy moly.

I keep telling myself to breathe, that a month is actually a long time...I am totally kidding myself.
I have plenty of time to finish everything that may need to be finished before I hop on a completely different road than the one I was on before, right?????

Am definitely kidding myself
. By the time I get home from work I am too exhausted to do much of anything and with my super generous family, friends and co-workers baby Vaughn has received some amazing gifts...much of which has joined the ever expanding laundry pile. Small clothes are easy and quick to wash and dry but much more difficult to fold than adult clothes. But darn it, some baby clothes are just utterly adorable. The fact that they are so adorable helps to justify not finding out the sex of little baby Vaughn, because I think I could do some serious damage in the Mini Boden catalog. I digress.

One month...I am hoping that I am so distracted that in no way will adorable baby clothes be on the forefront of my brain.

One month...Holy moly.
Just saying it causes my heart to race a panic. I am so excited, but oh-so terrified too. I have a couple of friends who have given birth in the last two weeks, or in the case of one are in the process of doing it as I type. In some ways I am totally jealous, but then I remember that I am still totally unprepared, at least in some regards.

Packing for one.

And by the by, if another person asks if I have packed my hospital bag I may scream. Because no, I have not packed it...I have asked friends to advise me and they have done so fabulously, but something keeps me from actually going through with it. Why? Because I can't seem to wrap my head around packing to go to the hospital. I get packing to go to the go go to wine country, but there is something about packing to go to the hospital that completely freaks me out.
It means it is real. It means that soon I will be a Mom and how does one really prepare for that? I mean, packing a bag doesn't even come close to really preparing you. AAAAHHH!

Rebecca, I hope you have a packing matrix for this "trip!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nursery Corner in Progress

This is more of a visual post rather than my usual written one.
Work has been very busy the last two weeks and I am plumb tuckered out.

So the crib images have been previously posted, so here is the slow continuation of the nursery corner's progress.
The beginning:

The middle:

The end is not yet upon us....but I have 35 days.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 10 things to do when you are a pregnant insomniac

10. Read a book

9. Take a hot bath

8. Ponder eating much of what is in the refrigerator

7. Wish those you were playing Scrabble with on Facebook would take their damn turn

6. Surf the web for random things that pop into your head, ex. "Cat sweaters"

5. Pity yourself

4. Pity your husband who has to deal with you the next day

3. Pity your co-workers for the same reason as above

2. Watch late late night/ early early morning television programming

1. Re-evaluate contents of refrigerator and whether you should or should not eat everything in it