Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top 10 things to do when you are a pregnant insomniac

10. Read a book

9. Take a hot bath

8. Ponder eating much of what is in the refrigerator

7. Wish those you were playing Scrabble with on Facebook would take their damn turn

6. Surf the web for random things that pop into your head, ex. "Cat sweaters"

5. Pity yourself

4. Pity your husband who has to deal with you the next day

3. Pity your co-workers for the same reason as above

2. Watch late late night/ early early morning television programming

1. Re-evaluate contents of refrigerator and whether you should or should not eat everything in it


  1. Morgan - I learned that those same strategies work during menopause!
    You DO look gorgeous!

  2. Those "hipster" kitties don't appear to be entirely pleased about their knitwear.