Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 25: Bad Day, Good Look: How accessories got me to gala

The full ensemble.

Wow, this is the last installment of Bad Day, Good Look! So many things to say. Gala is over. It was a beautiful night and it was a lot of fun.
This picture was taken after the event ended when I was home. Boy, were my feet happy to be done for the night! The Tahari mile high sandals I had on were great for 2-3 hours, but after that, ouch! You will see the whole ensemble once I get the pictures back from the evening's photographer. That may be a follow up post...or I may add it to this one, we'll see.
But I digress because I should really discuss THE NECKLACE.
The Bamboleo Necklace was the center of attention last night. What a piece! I am not sure a woman walked by me without commenting on how spectacular it looks.
The night was a triumph and I am ready to sleep for days!


  1. Can't wait to see more pictures as I'm dying to see the shoes! And yes, that necklace is perfectly fabulous. Love!

  2. ...and the shoes are fab. Duh.

  3. You look gorgeous! Great all around outfit - the dress, shoes and accessories all look fantastic!