Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Trendthrift: Outfit of the future

Today was the big day! Went to the Garland Road Thrift Store and came home with a great skirt. But it is a skirt that you will not see me wear for quite some time. You see, it is a wool skirt and while it is light weight, we in Dallas are already hitting the upper 80s, which means that the 90s are right around the corner. No wool skirts anytime soon. I do miss having a Spring that lasts for more than a moment.
But I so wanted to play with this skirt! So I did.
And now presenting...

My outfit of the future:

Striped boat neck shirt, plaid skirt, leopard print wedges and dangly earrings.

Here are my initial thoughts on thrift store shopping...organization is key.
Wear something you can quickly take on and off or something you can try clothes on over.
Be prepared to hunt.
Check out the evening wear! I found some sequin tops from the 90s that I may have to return to purchase...They would certainly liven up some jeans!

These points will likely be refined as I continue in my quest to be The Trendthrift!

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  1. This is such a great outfit! The combinations look so fresh and you look like you love the ensemble.