Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 21: Bad Day, Good Look: how accessories got me to gala

Today is another good day. All the heavy lifting is done and all that is left are the details. A ton of them!
Since I was running around and lifting boxes the whole day it called for a cute but casual look. I wore the Penelope Necklace with the Pave Ellipse Necklace and then combined the Revival Bracelet with some other bangles I own.
I am working on the forced posing...having to take pictures of myself everyday makes me really self conscious. Oh well...four more days of daily picture posting and then I am taking a break.


  1. Aren't you a cutie? Morgan you have great style! Where'd you get your orange flats???

  2. Marshalls!
    Thanks Pink Girl! I think you have great style yourself.