Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Trendthrift Episode 1

Well, here it begins, my year of thrift store clothing shopping. Obviously the thrift store clothing collection will have to be built over time, so bear with me in these early days of the experiment.
Today I went somewhat cute but comfortable. I wore my favorite jeans, with a comfy and (as you will soon learn) signature cardigan and a fun silky shirt beneath.
Z and I had a conversation about pictures this morning and I think that I may need a tripod. Anyone have one they care to donate to the Trendthrift cause? If so, let me know!

But, guess who took the picture above? Yep, this girl right here. The tripod that made this possible is a brick, an air conditioning unit and a certain blogger who actually thought she was in the center of the frame. Really glad I wasn't. Wish I had captured my shoes though. I actually wore cute little pumps today, a pair I had stopped wearing because I was stuck hiking around in them at Opryland for four days when American Airlines grounded the MD80s. That was not a fun experience by any means.

I digress.

So today's thrifty piece of the outfit was a silk Banana Republic blouse from Ebay and was a whopping $7. Bought a few other things from the same vendor so I could combine shipping.

The Rundown:
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Shirt: Ebay- Banana Republic
Pants- Hudson Skinny Jeans
Necklace- Stella & Dot
Earrings- Stella & Dot
Bracelet- Unknown

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  1. I like where you're going with this. We HAVE to go to Plaid Door after this weekend if you don't get to it before then. And the St. Vincent dePaul one on NWHwy is actually a very organized store. Monique would be so proud of you!