Sunday, May 1, 2011

It was supposed to be Trendthrift Episode 4

But then a baby happened during the morning routine.
This baby to be exact. We will not speak of what happened to the button down shirt that was part of the original outfit concept.

Dear Readers, nothing below has been thrifted, swapped, gifted or anything else budget-relieving. This is all store bought and maybe even at full retail.
Don't care.
Love this skirt and need to give a shout out to the Boston Fashionista on the inspiration to pull out the leopard-print for everyday work attire.

Thank you That Pink Girl for the fabulous TriPod! Notice the slight difference in location in the backyard. Yeah slight variety!

The Line-up:
Cardigan- BCBG- 3 years ago
Silk Blouse- Banana Republic- 4 years ago
Skirt- Trashy Diva
Shoes- Sofft- Marshalls


  1. I think the fact that most of the items are several years old should count for something!

  2. Nicely done with the skirt!!! I love it with the green - you have inspired me to give it a try...

  3. I totally knocked off your kelly green and leopard in my post today... :)