Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Self Indugent Blog

On Wednesday, I was standing in line at the post office, waiting to buy stamps for the fabulous invite to the OnStage Dinner,when something pretty amazing happened. If I may swap sounds for feelings,I felt a whop wham boom in the baby belly area. The first recognizable baby movements took place at the Post Office, the one place where time stands excruciatingly still. It was pretty exciting and I must say that I called Zach the moment I hopped back in the car. Other than that, things have been pretty quiet.

On the running front I did get my "belly bra" in the mail. This utterly unsexy contraption supports my growing belly as I continue to run through this pregnancy. Today was the big test, as I had not used it until this morning. What a difference a little support makes. As a woman who has worn a bra I should have been fully aware of the miracle of support but regardless I was amazed at the sheer stability it gave the ever growing belly. I guess I should give the website and brand a shout out: and this was the Gabriella band.

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