Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Closet Shopping

Sometimes you forget what wardrobe options you have. A piece will fall to the back of the closet or its hanger will get hooked into another.  Such was the fate for the dress I wore today.  This 7 year old dress from TJMAXX rose like a phoenix from the depths of my dark shoe-filled closet. 
It was everything I was looking for in today's attire and then some.  The light green is such a happy color and I couldn't help but pair it with a super-versatile Banana Republic plum cropped cardi and my cherry red Toms wedges.  You know Tom's donates a pair of shoes to a needy kid for every pair you buy, I wonder if there is a needy kid wobbling around in a pair of wedge heels somewhere in mid continent Africa. 

The bangle on my wrist in this pic is my current obsession and I know I have discussed it here before, but it is the serpent bangle from Stella & Dot and I love it.

It is reminiscent of a bracelet my mother used to wear when I was a child. A new piece that somehow carries a sentimental value for me. Gotta love the new Fall Collection! 

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