Sunday, March 28, 2010

Those dreaded words...

29 Weeks!

Holy Moly, where to even begin...since returning from the beach vacation, work has been non-stop! Unfortunately this state has caused a few problems, the first and most horrifying being the threat from my doctor of the dreaded "bed rest". Apparently my inability to do nothing and all the stress at work has caused my kidneys to retain more fluid than they should be and due to this, I have packed on the pounds in a very small window of time. The good thing is that this time she didn't interrogate me about what I was eating, but rather decided after looking at me and seeing that no weight has been gained anywhere but my belly that this is not a dietary issue, but rather possibly something else. She will decide the whole "bed rest" thing at 32 weeks, but in the meantime she has suggested that I take a few steps to prevent that happening. The first is to be like George Costanza and lay down on my left side for 15- 20 minutes 3 times a day under my desk...or to work from home the days I may in order to keep off my feet and to be able to lay down for extended periods of time. So we will see how all of this works out...things are crazy until April 1st and then I get a week or so of reprieve and only need to plan things rather than plan and attend.
I understand that stress causes many issues, but this sucks...I thought that I would have no issues working up until the day I give birth, I never really thought of myself as a delicate flower, but alas, it appears that I am. This totally undermines my street cred.

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