Monday, February 27, 2012

Finishing a project

Something has changed within me. It began with the rearrangement of our downstairs living spaces and has snowballed! Who knew that this simple change would spark some serious home-makeover inspiration and motivation. YouTube and the brilliant and generous DIY bloggers with beautiful photo tutorials have taken those driving forces and actually educated them!
The major goal in my plan to enjoy the house: get the backyard livable and make it a place to be. Small step to attaining aforementioned goal? Build a space for outdoor composting of leaves and what not in the corner of the yard where nothing will grow.
Z and I spent an entire Sunday making countless trips to the orange box and lifting a seemingly endless number of cinder blocks. Ouch.
Here is the photo log of the Vaughn Trap Compost Pile.

Laying it out:

Hard at work:

The fully finished project...

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