Friday, January 20, 2012

Runners High.

Running has me hooked these days. It consumes every thought and I plan my days around the distance that must be done. I am signed up for two races, the first is the Will Run For Chocolate 15k and then I am entered to run the Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon. These will be my first two races since Marigny was born. To be frank I am a little terrified. I am easily a full minute, if not minute and half slower than I used to be.

Yard clean up is priority nĂºmero uno these days and I have been tackling the backyard inch by inch. It will be a yard that begs to be played in, darn it! There is a very long way to go. Here is what it could look like according to the app iscape.

Landscaping is expensive and as such I must always work bit by bit. Small project by small project. It is very limiting and frustrating and I dearly wish that we had the where we could do everything in one fell swoop or for that matter hire someone else to do it! Anyone have any tips for gardening/landscaping when you are poor?

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  1. I've found the best way to landscape on a very limited budget is to fully embrace the broad spectrum of color and texture that indigenous flora provides.

    Okay yes, weeds. But some of the, have flowers!

    So,exacted for your racing season!!! It's a time to set NEW PRs. (a Pr is only good for a year, two tops anyway) I'll be cheering you n at RNR for sure!!!